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Vip Park

VIP Park is a system for opening or reserving a parking place or an access road, operated from a car by means of a remote control. VIP park consists of a removable hoop-shaped bar attached to a base plate that is fixed on the ground. The whole unit is protected by a steel cover that covers all the system's electronic and mechanical components as well as its 4 attachment points.



Technical Specification

Vip Park CarConsumption per hour
in standby mode 1.00 mA
Consumption during operation
(per operation) 3.60 mA
Recharging capacity
(per hour of exposure) between 10 and 30 mA*
Battery capacity 6500 mA

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Our parking guidance system is one of the most advanced car park guidance systems of the market. It allows guiding the user directly to a free park spot in an intuitive and fast form, by using ultrasonic sensors with lights indicators and display panels for information for free spaces. Find free places using informative displays, in real-time.

•    Increase value and performance of the car park.
•    Optimize occupation and car rotation.
•    Improve traffic inside car park.
•    Stress reduction and comfortable feeling at the parking.
•    Fuel Saving.
•    Easy location
•    Valuable cost reductions.
•    Reliability information 100% on real-time of occupancy.
•    Customer’s fidelity.
•    Reports and statistics. Reduction of monoxide co gas inside the car park. Integrated with gas detection system.
•    Unattended car detection.

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Our paid parking system can be used at every closed car park, parking area or multi-storey car park. Also suitable for hotels, sport, culture or business facilities – simply everywhere where vehicle movement

control in restricted areas, traffic regulation and detailed parking fee payment accounting are needed.

Our Parking Barriers can be used from the smallest car parks with just a few parking spaces up to complex of multi-storey parking facilities for thousands of cars with many entries and exits.

Using sophisticated control system requires minimum operator skills to manage parking. Multiple security measures prevent unauthorized intervention into system operation and cash flow.

Our system cooperates with various access control systems, prepaid resident parking systems and it is able to link up to third-party control and security systems.

Our system also allows easy integration of optional components such as ANPR cameras, PGS (parking guidance system), etc.


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The barrier system can be linked to any number of remote systems to control it operations, such as:

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, where a vehicles registration plate is taken and checked against a database, once verified the barrier arm raises to allow access. 

Vehicle Tags - Where a tag is attached to specific vehicles, allow access to only authorised vehicle only. 

Radio Transmitters - Any number or hand held radio remote control can be linked to the system.
Access Control System - Proximity card, Photo ID, Biometric Iris or Fingerprint reading technologies can be incorporated into the system. 

Tokens - Standard issue tokens or high security token can be incorporated into the system. 

Long Range Reader - The existing barrier access can be applied for long range identification ensuring a vehicle can get access unless driven by an authorized vehicle. This hand free vehicle access can be open parking barrier from distance of 4-Meter to 10-Meter.

Emergency Back Up - An emergency back up lowering facility is operational during any power failure and is fitted as standard, ensuring that the barrier can be raised in the event of a power failure, alternatively a UPS power / Solar Power system can be installed to keep the unit operational.





Parking Barriers

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Our barriers are available in boom arm lengths from 3 meters right up to a full 12 meter road widths, doubles can be installed to accommodate wider road width. High speed barriers and other specials are available. In the event of a power failure, the barrier can still be released by hand using the manual key override system.

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