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Product Thumbs PSSeriesLive Streaming Series

Product Image ConstructioncamExpertly crafted to produce the fastest live streaming video for project monitoring. These dependable heavy-duty network cameras operate in extreme weather conditions. This series includes remote user-controllable Pan, Tilt, Zoom and multiple preset angles.

  • Save travel time and money with remote viewing
  • Avoid delays and disputes
  • Make qualified decisions quickly
Product Thumbs TLSeriesTime-Lapse Series

MegapixelcamDesigned to deliver superior quality image clarity for detailed construction site documentation. Our industry leading HD megapixel technology includes the world's only outdoor robotic system capable of producing panoramas with over 1 billion pixels.

  • Stunning panoramic imagery promotes your project
  • Crisp, high definition archived images document compliance
  • Monitor your jobsite from multiple angles in all weather conditions

ConsXTEC time laps video recording software, specially designed for time-lapse video recording. Built for long term, set-it & forget-it, reliable video capture. Use it to record construction sites, gardens, screen capture as you work or paint, create stop motion animations, picture slideshows or just fool around with it shooting around the house. You'll be surprised at what you'll discover! 



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