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Our values and our daily interactions are meant to give our customers, community, vendors and business partners the confidence in us as a company which you can trust, whose solutions, products and services work as promised, and who is committed to keeping customers at the center of everything we do.

We are guided by the following Core Values:

  • Customer Focus
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

We believe that partnering with customers will drive high-quality, innovative technology deployment and ultimately results in sustainable quality success.

Company Profile

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Supply and consultancy
XTEC is providing customize requirement solution and supply accordingly. We would be glad to be your consultant for the project.

Installation, testing & commissioning:
XTEC is able to provide a wide range of options for the control of your Security and Access Control equipment, cctv system, parking system with paid parking system, parking guidance system, We can offer solutions to meet your requirements.

Support and Maintenance:
All AMC products are supported by an experienced Installation, Maintenance and Repair capability. We supply engineers to supervise installations and train maintenance staff outside the U.A.E.


Quality & Safety

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Our commitment to for the Design, Systems Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Sales of Traffic Management Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Parking Management, Access Control, Communication, and Security Systems.

XTEC commitment in maintaining high health and safety standards warrant safe, secured and injury-free work environment for employees, contractors, and the general public. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is the corner stone of the company’s health & safety management system. Identification of measures in controlling hazards to acceptable levels forms part of our day-to-day operation.

About Us

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XTEC is the market leader for Security Systems, including security system, parking system, Fire & Safety protection Systems, as well as Advanced Technology products.

XTEC as an integrated solutions provider, works with the clients to offer the best solutions that meet their requirements, with very latest technology, high quality, reliability & effective solutions for all Government, Residential, Retail, Commercial, Industrial & all other markets requiring security & protection solutions.