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  • 24/7 security and peace of mind for mothers and staff
  • Lightest, smallest and most comfortable baby tags
  • Prevents unauthorized removal of tag
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Leading technology to prevent Mother-Baby mismatch  
  • Seamless integration of Infant Security and Hospital Protection

To upgrade
The system is flexible and scalable, providing the capability to add on a variety of other functions such as Asset Tracking and Location, Staff Duress and Wandering Patient Protection.

To deliver better patient care
Providing a safe and secure environment to newborn babies and mothers is crucial to delivering quality patient care. Along with the standard security procedures and resources, The solution works as a personal guard for the tiny bundles of joy using the latest in RFID technology.

To provide enhanced support and service
Infant Protection System capable of multiple facility, system-wide implementation from one server. Compliant with current IT standards, it is easy to implement and maintain and offers 100% IP based technology - that means no mixed networks!

To maximize safety & security
The state-of-the-art Infant Abduction Prevention module is designed to give your security  managers peace of mind. The system designed to help Security Directors and Health Security Officers deliver maximum patient safety and security while providing asset protection and staff safety in the same system. There is no other single system that can help protect and locate infants, equipment, and personnel all at the same time.

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