Central Alarm Monitoring

A Central Alarm Monitoring system that provide monitoring and security from a single house to commercial building to a series of community in which system is able to handle single monitoring device like panic switch, mg contact, PIR, camera, smoke, vibration, co, leak water and other detactors, such as single sites to large community over 30,000 sites.

Central Monitoring System (CMS) used by the user who require high security monitoring. It is suitable for both residential, industrial, Office, Mall, Residential Community, Villas and similar. The CMS system consists of two main components - signal receivers to convert all alarm signals into raw protocol codes and central station software that allow operators to view, manage and catalogue incoming alarm signals from a massive number of alarm panels. Based on this alarm security measures taken as per client request.

Central Monitoring System works on  - Telephone Network -PSTN, IP Netwok, GSM Mobile Network, VPN and others.

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RTL Safety and Security (3)

We delivers the most advanced Personnel Safety and Security system using the world’s most robust active RFID communication protocols and location algorithms. The system provides accurate real time location and tracking and equips users with its Duress Tag to send notifications of a threat or emergency situation. These tags have 2-way communications capability so as to receive acknowledgements and customized alerts, enhancing the safety and security of field personnel.

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Securing Student & School

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Security within schools could potentially be achieved by securing the perimeter of the school building using active RTL (Real Time Locator) RFID.  Student data enrolls & identification any suitable identification tag and classified with class level is possible. Indentify when student enter to the school and leaving the school, Identify guardian, when they come for pick up a student and cross match, and alarm if not match, In case of emergency, head count if all vacant, also check in assembly place.

Staff Duress Safety

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Staff  Duress & Safety system enables you to monitor staff movements for their own safety and communicate with them on demand. The system has been designed to give you and your staff assurance that they can communicate and call for help at the time of crisis, and eliminate critical delays caused by ambiguous location information when that help is needed by locate and track a moving employee with the typical accuracy averaging 8-15 feet.

Asset Tracking

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Whether you have a small, medium or large facility, Asset Tracking System is designed to be a scalable and powerful tool that will help your healthcare staff locate equipment easily and rapidly, while also providing security against their loss. Two accurate location technologies— RTLS and Portal Detection—deliver a robust and reliable solution that enables accurate location, to the room level if desired, while also protecting your precious equipment from unauthorized removal from your premises, or even from individual departments.


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The Central Alarm Monitoring System are equipped with both receivers and Central Station software. Central Station receivers differ based on the type of communication channels they monitor - Telephone communication requires telephone line receivers while Internet communication requires Internet Protocol (IP) receivers and GSM module required where PSTN or IP network not available. These receivers listen to the communication channels, and then convert the transmission signals into alarm signal codes, which are sent to the central station software.

Alarm Controllers

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The alarm system controller( Statring from 8-128 Zones) serves as the main brain of the Alarm Monitoring System, storing all programming, user identification and passwords while the control keypads are for users to interact with the alarm system to trigger panic alarms, arming/disarming the system, etc. Along with sensors like motion sensors, glass break detectors, panic button along with communicators via a telephone line, mobile wireless dialers, ip network and other means.

Alarm Transmissions Device

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Alarm communication devices works with alarm system controllers to provide a communication to main central alarm receiver who generate specific alarm.  The most popular communication medium are telephone line, cellular  service and ip networks, along with mobile broadband and Internet services as well as SMS services. It can be PSTN, GSM or IP device.

Once and alarm activated, Alarm controller sends signal by this communication device send signal to central receiver by data, sms or network data packets. Then main central receiver generates alarm to alert owners of their alarm status or report to Central Monitoring service providers.

Available Tranmission Device: Telephone Network -PSTN, IP Netwok, GSM Mobile Network, VPN and others.

Central Alarm Receiver

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Latest, state-of-the-art Digital Central Station Alarm Receiver. Its compact design allows up to 6 telephone lines expandable to be connected to a single receiver, providing the benefit of multiple receivers in one consolidated unit. The series of interface between the security alarm system and central station receiver provides the aggregation point of all alarms.

Alarm CMS Software

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Alarm CMS is the software you need to monitor alarms, for operating a Central Alarm Station. ACMS presents a complete dashboard to operators handling alarm signals along with steps and contacts to process each signal. Its  automates several tasks such as sending emails, sms and reports to subscribers. ACMS is made to add value to your Central Station by proposing services such as Web Access and Panic buttons for Smartphone’s.