Car Counting System

Car Counting System detectors at entrances and exit on ramps are used for vehicle counting. An IP counter controller is pre-set to count vacant parking spaces and display IN IP66 LED or in software. Car Parking Counting System is an accurate counting and display system which shows and vacancy of a car park facility. Options available for LED occupancy display at Entry or floor level and real-time monitoring by software with reports.

Car Counting System

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Car Counting System

Our Car Counting System can be utilized to implement a stand-alone or central car park monitoring system to monitor and display the car park occupancy.Pc

Vehicle detectors at entrances and on ramps are used for vehicle counting. An electronic capacity counter is pre-set to the number of vacant spaces and receives count information from the counting loops. The system will control a static sign or will optionally provide a count of available car park spaces and indicates" FULL" or zero count as availability, also offer outdoor rated (IP66) FULL signs. LED display have built-in multi-color options.   

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