IP Disabled Toilet Alarm

IP disabled toilet alarm system which can be connected directly to existing Ethernet network without any extra or no cabling at all which make IP DTA system easy to install and low-cost as central cabling is not required. Most of all this has not limitation on distance, since this would be connected to existing network. Latest Real-time server-Client architecture gives all alarm reports, log, backup whatever is required for a central Alarm monitoring system.

VOIP Disabled Toilet Alarm - 5.0 out of 5 based on 36 votes

VOIP Disabled Toilet Alarm

Our IP Disabled Toilet Alarm System over Network Voice fully equipped with Voice over IP solutions which offer full duplex voice communication to the central monitoring for any assistance required by the users. Speech can be activated by pressing hands-free IP devices or can be automatically activated if any call buttons pressed.

To operate the user pulls the cord of a ceiling pull cord or to press call buttons to activate a light and sounder outside the wc and alarm information sent through network to its monitoring server. Voice Hands free can be activated by pressing call buttons or automatically if programmed in the system. Once  Operator monitor and acknowledge this alarm to take initiative according to customer requirement.

IP Disabled Toilet Alarm - 5.0 out of 5 based on 155 votes

IP Disabled Toilet Alarm

IP Disabled Toilet Alarm includes everything required for ADA or BS8300 disabled act to compliant emergency assistance alarm. XTEC IP DTA system available plastic and Stainless steel version. This IP DTA design to install for 1-toilets to 250 toilets in a single network/server having options for (i) Real-time monitoring (ii) Alarm Accept (iii) Alarm MAP (iv) SMS (v) alarm pop-up (vi) Full Alarm report (xls) (vii) alarm statistic and many more. Attractively designed and easy to install and almost plug-play system as connect DTA devices, plug-in into Network and start monitoring in Alarm Monitoring software.