Paid Parking System

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Our paid parking system can be used at every closed car park, parking area or multi-storey car park. Also suitable for hotels, sport, culture or business facilities – simply everywhere where vehicle movement

control in restricted areas, traffic regulation and detailed parking fee payment accounting are needed.

Our Parking Barriers can be used from the smallest car parks with just a few parking spaces up to complex of multi-storey parking facilities for thousands of cars with many entries and exits.

Using sophisticated control system requires minimum operator skills to manage parking. Multiple security measures prevent unauthorized intervention into system operation and cash flow.

Our system cooperates with various access control systems, prepaid resident parking systems and it is able to link up to third-party control and security systems.

Our system also allows easy integration of optional components such as ANPR cameras, PGS (parking guidance system), etc.


Key Benefits:

  • One system for small applications or large installations
  • Reliable and easy-to-maintain components
  • Customized system configurations
  • Open architecture ready to cooperate with superior systems
  • Local language versions easy to implement
  • Fast and accessible service + remote monitoring
  • Full equipment color customization

Key Features:

  • Technology based on barcode or magnetic stripe ticketing
  • Resident and discounted parking
  • Payment accounting customized according to local fiscal regulations
  • Car park occupancy monitoring
  • Complete database of all events
  • Running system diagnostics
  • Security measures to protect cash and prevent manipulation
  • Flexible and user-friendly software
  • Multi-level security measures
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