Recognition CCTV System

Our smart CCTV video surveillance systems are able to count, detect, recognize, analyses and track people, vehicles and objects alike. The video analytics software built into our CCTV face recognition technology also monitors in real time without distraction and adds significant benefits in live-monitored and incident review operations. Megapixel camera, Built-in face recognition, NVR with face recognition, ANPR, Video count and analytics etc.

Face Recognition Software

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Software is a best-of-breed Direct/2D/3D face recognition software application which uses off-the-shelf cameras and servers providing unparalleled accuracy on real world data in the most challenging of environments. The industry leading technology collects a myriad of data and applies the multitude of information to the database and generates timely and accurate results

Facial Recognition Server

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Facial Recognition Server - 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes

The F8000 Series Network Video Recorder supports almost all cameras and ONVIF profile cameras. NVR supports Multiple Algorithm Platform, Real-Time Face Capture, Indexing and Matching. A single server can store up-to 999,999 face Database and 32 servers can connected in a single system. Each server can match 300,000 Faces per second which includes 16 Different Face Angles Enrolment for Single Face ID. High Accuracy of up to 97% depending on quality of the images. Server also supports Event and Alarm Customization and Cloud and Mobile APP Integration.

Face Recognition Camera

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The cameras are equipped with face recognition technology that can automatically identify and track individuals, both indoors and outdoors. Live information is sent to a machine that's analyzed by algorithms and human monitors, which then compare the face with its database. Technology can detect, track and recognize any person of interest in a large crowd with more than 91~96% accuracy.