wireless alarm system

Wireless Alarm Systems(WAS) not required massy cabling, provides the highest level of protection for any place where maximum security is essential. These systems are designed to be easy to install, not cabling use and the modular concept of these systems provides simple requirement for 32-Zone built-in system to 64-Zone in a single system. Compatible with the latest mobile apps and Com /Wi-Fi connectivity, which provides scalability and design flexibility.

Available in wired, wireless and IP based system with Dialer, PSTN and IP communication option.

Wireless Alarm controller can protect up to 64 wireless zone of detection in a single system installation for maximum security. Expand the system by adding plug-and-play expansion modules anywhere and in any combination. Once installed, modules, including motion detectors, can be programmed remotely via a keypad, Upload/Download software, or via the Alarm Management Software(AMS). Most of all it support almost all alarm receiver for central alarm monitoring system(CAMS). Alarm controller system armed automatically everyday at pre-set time. Built it access control features come with all controller.

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A range of high performance LCD and LED keypads featuring intuitive operation, ergonomic design, touchtone backlit keys and a host of innovative features. keypads offer exceptional functionality for a wide variety of applications and can be used with All Series control panels. Keypads are available in Touch Sense Keypad, 32-Character Blue LCD Keypad, 32-Character Blue LCD Keypad and LED Keypad.

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Different types of sensor is used to protect different part of the area as required.

Perimeter protection:  Protect outdoor area of the house.
Surface protection:  Protect all opening on house wall surface such as windows and doors.
Internal protection: Protect inside the house
Inform owner: Trigger of any alarm sends via dialer, GPRS or IP.

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The Compact-W series takes wireless detection to the next level. By combining commercial-grade motion detection with Ricochet mesh technology in a range of cost-effective devices, the Compact-W series offers unprecedented performance for mass-market applications. Wireless digital pet immune PIR with Ricochet mesh technology with up to 3 years battery life.

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The smallest wireless contact ever made. Protect windows, doors and valuable assets with ease, and upgrade any security system with Ricochet, the world's most robust wireless security technology. The Micro Contact-W is part of flagship the Series. The Micro Contact-W can be used to protect almost anything, including doors, windows, drawers and cupboards - the list is endless!

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