Door Interlock Systems

Our door interlock systems can prevent a door from opening in a situation where another condition is false. For example: one door cannot be opened unless the other is closed. Multidoor can be controller from 2-door to 8-door systems, our interlock controllers give you complete control over your interlock system.

Door Interlocking

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Igpx8 850 1An Interlock System is a system preventing the simultaneous opening of two or more doors in a controlled environment.The range of Interguard door interlock controllers provide comprehensive options for the interlocking of doors and other access control hardware such as roller shutters, traffic bollards and gates. The use of any type of electronic lock is catered for as is integration with other systems including access control and fire alarms. Specified in numerous industries including security, cash handling, jewellers and pharmaceuticals, Interguard delivers a comprehensive solution.

Available for 2 doors, 3 doors  up-to 8 Doors Controller

Secure interlocking
Keeps all doors closed and locked and releases the relevant door on request only if available to be released. i.e. all other doors are locked.

Non secure interlocking
Keeps all doors closed but unlocked, and locks the other doors if a door is opened.

Red/Green indicators are provided at each door. Combinations of steady and flashing red and green lights indicate the status of the door.

Breach conditions
Indications for power loss, forced doors and doors left open on all models.