Intruder & Fire Alarm Monitoring

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Intruder & Fire Alarm Monitoring


Intruder Alarm, & Fire Alarm system monitoring provides peace of mind knowing that your property is being protected 24 hours a day, our monitoring centre is fully endorsed by UAE’s leading insurers, all UAE wide Police, Fire, Ambulance and medical services and associated agencies.

Upon activation of the alarm system or device our highly skilled, trained and dedicated operators respond to activations and will alert the emergency services to attend and act according to the pre-planned action plan, with the ability to interact, respond and control all levels of access to your premises e.g. deliveries, staff, customer enquiries etc.

Nominated key holders, will be contacted as the next point of contact to ensure that the relevant persons are informed of the incident and deal with and respond accordingly. A security guarding company can be nominated to attend your premises, therefore providing peace of mind knowing that someone will always be available 24hrs a day, ensuring your property is secured.

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