Temperature Monitoring Software

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Temperature Monitoring Software

We have several type of software like, (1) Cloud - A cloud based mobile internet platform software, (2) Express - A secure standalone PC application without the need for an Internet connection, (3) Enterprise - For large organizations with specific data/usage requirements having dedicated servers.

Cloud Software

A cloud based mobile internet platform and central hub for managing all sensors products. All data is secured on dedicated servers operating Microsoft SQL Server. This online user interface is where all your device settings can be arranged, supervised, and modified to reflect your unique environment.

Express Software

A secure standalone PC application without the need for an Internet connection and now with our latest upgrade it's also in the palm of your hand. Express is built for our customers who require up to date sensor readings down to the second. Our software has been redesigned to present a faster, user friendly experience for small sensor networks. Your dashboard is accessible from any mobile device and PC, including Mac and Linux. The latest version supports up to 100 wireless sensors and is capable of sending notifications via email when sensor thresholds have been met or exceeded.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise is available for large organizations with specific data/usage requirements. It provides the same feature set as the online software but allows the organization to host and maintain their own sensor data. Enterprise Features - Installed on your company's computer servers - Includes notification via SMS text and email (requires SMTP server) - Export sensor data to CSV format


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