IP Disabled Toilet Alarm

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IP Disabled Toilet Alarm

IP Disabled Toilet Alarm includes everything required for ADA or BS8300 disabled act to compliant emergency assistance alarm. XTEC IP DTA system available plastic and Stainless steel version. This IP DTA design to install for 1-toilets to 250 toilets in a single network/server having options for (i) Real-time monitoring (ii) Alarm Accept (iii) Alarm MAP (iv) SMS (v) alarm pop-up (vi) Full Alarm report (xls) (vii) alarm statistic and many more. Attractively designed and easy to install and almost plug-play system as connect DTA devices, plug-in into Network and start monitoring in Alarm Monitoring software.

To operate the user pulls the cord of a ceiling pull cord or to press call buttons to activate a light and sounder outside the wc and alarm information sent through network to its monitoring server. Operator acknowledge this and and take initiative according to customer requirement. Also all alarm can me exported as required.


IP Controller

IP controller usually powered by 230vac. Standby batteries are included and there is an integral battery fault monitor. The system voltage is 12vdc thus the ancillary items in toilets or other wet areas are at a safe working voltage avoiding any conflict with Part P building regulations.

- Audible & visual indication
- Mains/12vdc and battery powered versions
- Battery condition monitor
- Pull cord instructions label with braille text
- Reset button with braille text
- Selectable tones
- Built-in Backup battery

IP Module

IP Module provides TCP/IP or network connection for disabled toilet alarm system through existing IP network for alarm applications. Direct RJ45 connector can be connected to the IP module, which supports 10/100Mbps connection.

- Full control using a standard web browser
- Can operate as a Modbus/TCP slave:
- Auto-Reboot controller mode
- Power supply :9-28VDC

Ceiling Pull Unit

Ceiling Pull unit with LED incorporates a current limit resistor for use on 12vdc. Please remember that for nurse call pulls, to comply with legislation you must have 1 bangle 100mm from the floor and another bangle 800mm - 1000mm from the floor.


Wall mounting Press to Reset button with Braille text plus 2 yellow LEDs and sounder for caller reassurance. Enclosed in white ABS plastic, complete with a single gang surface mounting box. Flush fitting is also possible with a standard single gang back box.

- Mark resistant decal
- Tactile button
- Two high brightness yellow LEDs
- Integral sounder
- Back box for surface mount
- Flush mount onto 18mm standard box

O/D Strobe

Overdoor light and sounder with high brightness LEDs. The LEDs and sounder are current limited for 12vdc operation. There are separate inputs for sounder and LEDs. The single gang low profile white ABS enclosure is supplied with a surface mounting back box.

- Mark resistant decal
- Eight high brightness yellow LEDs
- Integral sounder
- Back box for surface mount
- Flush mount onto 18mm standard box

IP Software

Please contact us directly for more details for customization.


Click to download Datasheet


Please call us at +971 04 421 9920 or email at mail (a) xtec.me
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