Key safe box

Intelligent key management, comprehensively protect your valuables and resources as offers modular, scalable key management and cost-effective solutions. Key Management System completes management solution that combines facility management, asset management, security management into a single system as Management of keys and valuables.   

Intelligent electronics key and locker protect  mobile phones, laptops, or important documents: With our electronic deposit systems, we can secure your valuables: continuously, reliably, and efficiently.

Key Management System

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Key Management System gives you full control over your system and allows detailed configuration and management of reports. Commander is the next generation management software and contains many of the features of an enterprise level access control system. With Key Management system,  you reduce the number of time-consuming manual key issues and returns and documentation, while preventing expensive key loss. At the same time, the use of intelligent key administration pays off by allowing you to use infrastructure on a long-term basis, saving both operational costs and resources.

Automatic Electronic Lockers

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Electronic Lockers are safekeeping systems for automatic issue and return of valuables, pagers, and key bundles. Every compartment which identifies the key bundle certainly and reliably. The built-in feature of fail-safe opening protects your valuables from unauthorized access.

Key Security

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Key security concept, future-ready key management system increases the protection of people, assets, and properties. The intelligent access management, you always have control of your keys – and the certainty that only authorized people can enter certain areas of your company. That lets you prevent theft and costly operational downtime.

Electronic key safe

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Our key cabinets are the preferred choice for many airports, Universities, Hospitals, Utility Companies and Prisons, combining Key Management, Asset Management and Vehicle Fleet Management.
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  •     Choice of automatic Rollershutter or conventional swing door
  •     Simple to quickly access and return keys
  •     Compatible with your existing access control ID cards
  •     Many cabinet sizes and configurations
  •     From 8 to 1024 keys per cabinet
  •     Restrict when and who can take which keys
  •     Full audit and accountability
  •     All using latest RFID technology

{tab title=Uses}airports, Universities, Hospitals, Utility Companies,Prisons, combining Key Management, Asset Management and others.{/tab}
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