Vehicle Counting & Classification

Automated Vehicle Counting & Classification (AVCC) System having  (i) Real-time intelligent transportation system and (ii) Analysis on recorded video. AVCC System using resolution mega-pixel camera works under various conditions (Day, Night, sunny, cloudy, Sandy, snowing, etc.) and capable to measure various traffic parameters with accuracy of min 90% to 95%..

Vehicle Counting & Classification Analyzer capable of  measure, Identify, record and monitor of vehicles speed, type, violation, tailgating, emergency stops, collusion and lots like Number of vehicles in lane, Vehicle class, Speed of vehicle, speed violation,  lane change violation, accident detection, tailgate violation, non-access lane violation, collations, illegal stops, vehicle ANPR and much more.

On-line AVCC system is a free-flow dimensioning system of vehicles measuring speed, type, violation, tailgating, emergency stops, collusion velocity in a speed range up to 300km/h which can be used for traffic control, and security surveillance applications. Systems start with 4-Channel to 16-Channel version to monitor in real-time. portable version also available can use fix and use less than 30-min.