Hotel Access System

Providing leading manufacturer of electronic locking solutions and access control systems for the Hotel/motels industry. We have a solution for virtually every access control requirement or security need and offer a selection of innovative state-of-the-art systems that are easy to install, user friendly and reliable.

Entry Muti 100

This windows based system offers keycard management flexibility and superior control throughout a property and is ready to interface with a hotel property management system (PMS). Features available as, Multiple username/password levels available, Provides detailed system use reports Provides detailed system use reports, Efficient cancellation & replacement of keycards, Customizable keycard programming functionality, Third party integration capabilities (PMS).

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Our energy saver switch acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the guest’s keycard. All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in it's card key switch. When the keycard is removed from it's slot, the controlled circuits remain empowered for a further 10-30 seconds to ensure a safe exit from the room before the power is turned off.

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Easy to deploy, reliable and powerful access control systems take the worry out of access control management. client-server based Advanced Technology of Access System for hotel guest and staff access management. Open architecture simplifies integration with existing hotel IT infrastructures and systems. Accelerate the check-in process and reduce training time with the most user-friendly access control system in the industry.

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We offers convenient card lock systems for hotels, motels, hospitals, dormitories and private & public residence. Our systems include Cylindrical and Mortise latch options available in RFID, Smart Card and Magnetic lock technologies. Locks are designed to balance performance and cost effective operation. All system are manageable centrally or remotely as required.

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