Rescue Emergency System

RrasrThe refuge system is designed to provide communication between the master intercom/annunciator station, and up to eight (8) (or more) area of refuge (area of rescue) remote call-in stations.

Calls are indicated at the master by visual and audible signals. The master station also has sensitive two-way communications and tone call functions. Remote call-in stations have sensitive two-way communications, call-placed and call-answered LED Indicators. A maximum of eight (8) remote call-in stations may be connected to the standard master station. Larger capacity masters, or masters with desk or surface mounting, or privacy handsets are available on a special-order basis.

Refuge Telephone Systems

RstAn audio-visual telephone type (with voice communications) system. It is designed to provide an emergency signal between 1 to 112 areas of refuge (area of rescue assistance) remote refuge call boxes and the master station, known as the refuge command center.

The system answers with an 'acknowledge' LED, and the ability to speak with the calling remote(s) using the built-in telephone intercom feature, from the refuge command center, or a remote telephone.

Calls are indicated at the master by visual and audible signals. Remote refuge call box stations have a call-placed / call-answered LED. A maximum of 112 remote refuge call box stations may be connected to the refuge command center. For smaller capacity systems (10 call boxes or less)

The systems meet all national codes for area of refuge systems, and include battery back-up as a standard feature.

Unlike most other systems, the  system  allows for remote dialing to up to 5 outside telephone numbers in the event that a call is not answered at the refuge command center, in a pre-determined time period.

Emergency Call System



Emergency-call system is designed for multi-family dwellings housing the elderly, or handicapped, assisted living residences, or for other emergency-call/panic type applications. Any resident requiring emergency assistance can signal the building manager, security guard and/or neighbors by activating a conveniently located pullcord (or push-button) switch in each apartment or remote signaling location. ...

Depending upon the system option(s) selected, the activation of the pullcord switch can activate the master annunciator, apartment dome lights, floor bell(s) and individual apartment electric door opener(s). The master annunciator is modular and can be flush or surface mounted, and is available in any size, in multiples of 16 LEDs and features built-in tone signal, and tone silence button/light. In addition, you can choose your choice of decorator colors for the master station from titanium, white or brown.

You can even add pocket-paging capability as well, to signal staff members that are away from the master station(s).