Biological Disinfector

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Biological Disinfector

Biological Disinfectant System for all biological decontamination by cleaning air and surface by UV Disinfector for almost all microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts, virus including SARS, COVID-19 by UV radiation disrupts the DNA/RNA of the microorganisms, thereby exterminating them. Device works two mode that is day mode and night mode such in Day mode Air disinfection in a room in presence of with zero herms to human, and Disinfection of surface in a room in absence of human.

Highly efficient and accurate methods of air and surface decontamination as combination of UV radiation and HEPA filtration of spaces or rooms or areas. Very much effective for heavy human density, Hospitals, reception, office, canteen, food court, changing rooms, waiting rooms, education place, malls, all public places and much more. 

Robotic Disinfection

This robot has two working modes: air circulating disinfection and sterilization, and UV disinfection and sterilization. In the mode of UV disinfection and sterilization, condensed ultraviolet beams are emitted to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, with a disinfection rate of 99.99% shown here in our research paper. This effective disinfection method effectively prevents cross infection in high-risk areas.

Day Mode

Day Mode: Disinfection of Air

- The disinfector imbibed the air and pass through UV radiation for 2 seconds and killing the majority of the microorganisms .
- Then this air is filtered with high capacity HEPA filter at the disinfector outlet capturing all particles for the air with a 99.99% efficiency level (i.e. dead and surviving microorganisms are removed from atmosphere.
- This combination of UV radiation and HEPA filtration achieves near perfect removal of microorganisms from the air and this process repeated to provide also 100% pure air.

Night Mode

Night Mode: Disinfection of Surface

- The disinfector closes the Air circulation and fan switch off.
- The disinfector is places a best location that are most exposed areas
- The disinfector then used UV radiation to kill all microorganisms in the surface with-in pre-programmed time.
- For Safety, motions sensors are activated all time and any movement in radial area, system shutdown fully.

Important Note: UV radiation is harmful to all living organism. Therefor rooms must be vacated when Night Mode is in operation. This must be use and regulated by trained person under routine check and monitoring.

Technical Specification

MODEL : S500

30 square meter room

500 Cubic Meter/H

Machine DIM(in mm) : W700 X H1700 X D700

MODEL : S900

60 square meter room

900 Cubic Meter/H

Machine DIM(in mm) : W700 X H1700 X D700


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