Panic Alarm System

A Panic Alarm System (PAS) is usually triggered by pressing an electronic panic button, pull cord which can be either wired, wireless or IP-Based. Also known as duress alarms, panic alarms could be bought separately or as part of a security or alert system. Offers a comprehensive range of wired, wireless, IP-Base panic alarm products to meet most applications. System can be integrated from single controller to combining multiple system in a single solution with remote indicator and monitoring. Also supporting addressable device for large installation with longer distance.

Panic Systems are suitable for almost any facility, provide important notification capabilities for many critical conditions.

Panic Controller

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Panic Alarm controller can protect up to 255 points or 64-Zones of detection in a single system installation for maximum security. Expand the system by adding plug-and-play expansion modules anywhere and in any combination. Once installed, modules, including push button, panic key-switch, reset can be programmed remotely via a keypad, Upload/Download software. Reset can be done by controller or reset button installed.

Panic Strip Switch

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Panic Strip Switch can be installed in continuous lengths over extended areas. Available in a variety of different lengths, the system can be fastened at any height on a wall, out of sight under a counter or along a machine panel with the full length of the strip-switch activating a call when pressed.

Panic Push Button

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Panic push button surface mounted double press personal attack push button. This device is hard wired to a wireless transmitter with on-board battery which will continue to operate when the system is switched off. It is typically fitted and is most effective near the front door or adjacent to a bed or and hidden place. This button comes with single or double push button and as a key for manual release.

Networked Panic Alarm

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A Networked Panic Alarm (NPA) usually consists of buttons which, when pressed, activates the alarm by sending a signal to either the local emergency controller or over IP networks, to take an action to assist someone who is in trouble, or to a monitoring service. The advantages of NPA is allowing to take advantage of existing network cabling when upgrading systems or adding new devices to existing equipment without any extra cost or cabling. NPA system supports 1 nos to 254 panic alarm in a single networks up-to 4096 in a server.

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