Smart Phone Apps

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Smart Phone Apps

Unique solutions of Alarm control for Smart Phones, that designed only by “XTEC” till known, for cloud based real-time alarm notification and control system which is directly connected to the main server of the client premises. Our smart-phone apps named as “Xapps” available for both Android and iPhone and can customized as to the client request.


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    Central Alarm Monitoring Software

    Central Alarm Monitoring System, in short “CAMS” are specially design for IP based Disabled Toilet Alarm System for disabled people (people with special needs). CAMS offers monitor all real-time events as they occur in the system which is full networked based running under TCP/IP protocols. In a single subnetwork it supports 244 IP based toilet alarm virtually unlimited system in unlimited distance which is full Client-Server architecture with SQL Database gives backup options thus system never crashes.

    Unique solutions that designed only by “XTEC” with Hardware and Software that, different from anything else available on the market as known.  Cams support Real-time Alarm monitoring system including real-time Alarm notification, power failure, network disconnections, and system faults and so on. Moreover this solutions support SMS notification, E-Mail notification, BACNet alarm push and Real-time Alarm in E-MAP (Floor layout) which operator can directly see where alarm is activated in real-time for large installed premises, like Air ports, Stadium, museum, hotels and so on.   


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