Car Parking Barriers

When security or protection required for individuals or organizations take necessary steps to protect their parking or entrance security from any from foreign intrusions from vehicles, an excellent solution is the automatic parking barrier or boom barrier. These automated barriers are used to control the movement of cars, people, and other elements through the reserved areas. Monitoring the access to your premises is important, and gates and barriers play an important part in allowing access to your business/parking area. Automatic gates and barriers can ensure that only authorized visitors are entering the premises.

XTEC Car Parking Barriers can easily integrate with following system:

Access control (RFID) ANPR(Camera)  | wireless remotePaid parking system(paper/Tocken)  | Long Range Reader (1~15meter)   |   UVIS

Park Access Barriers

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XTEC Barrier range offers the ultimate balance of design, quality and cost. These barriers are highly versatile in application and can be integrated with any system design. This customizable nature of this barrier means it can be designed to complement the environmental aesthetics of any site.

The Automatic barriers can be used with an endless option of access controls which include ANPR, keypad, proximity cards, tokens, vehicle tags, long range reader, intercoms, key switch, push button, key fob and they can be operated locally, remotely or both.

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