Server Room & Plant Monitoring

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Server Room & Plant Monitoring

By linking on site environmental monitoring sensors and control equipment to our monitoring centre, we can protect your server room or Plant Room against overheating, power failure, air conditioning failure and more. Monitoring for these environmental factors could save you thousands of pounds if anything were to happen.

The sensors link directly to on-site control equipment and would raise a local alarm in the first instance in cases where the premises are occupied (i.e. during normal business hours), out of hours or at any other time as specified by by the system would connect to our monitoring centre and inform the relevant people or emergency services, if they detect any abnormal status.

The alert process ensures your key personnel are notified, and that the alarm is acted on. This is monitored by an acknowledgement process requiring your staff to respond to any alert messages they receive, providing you with peace of mind for all eventualities.

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