Central Disabled Alarm

Disabled Toilet Alarm (DTA) either standalone or conventional can be upgrade to Central Monitoring through network gateway to monitor it centrally in security or monitoring room using existing network.  No extra cabling or wiring required. It is suitable for stand-alone or conventional system to turn into IP Monitoring system. Alarm- signal received from controller and then to convert all alarm signals into TCP/IP protocol then sent to network directly and central station software received it which allow operators to view, manage and initiate help sequence.

Disabled Alarm with Phone

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DTA Toilet1Some disabled toilet requires direct communication or voice call to central security for help. We offer DTA system which can be interfaced with phone or PABX. If the call button is pressed or an alarm is activated the unit automatically dials a pre-configured number and behaves as a hands-free telephone, enabling the user to explain their requirements to the operator.

This unit automatically calls a preprogrammed number in the event of an alarm activation. The user can explain the problem to a member of staff, who can organise an appropriate response. System can useexisting telephone network.

IP Based Disabled Alarm

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IP Disabled Toilet Alarm

Our IP disabled toilet alarm system can be expanded over large areas using network infrastructure. Our any Individual toilets can be added to the central DTA alarm monitoring system. Stand-alone toilet alarm systems with local control and monitoring can be integrated into a centralized system. Interfaces for integration with BMS and other third party systems available. Ideal for large buildings or multi-site establishments with centralized or off-site facilities management / monitoring., and has applications in hospitals, elderly homes, schools, factories, restaurants, hotels, and any other facility with where centrally monitoring requires.

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