Folding Bollards

Fold down bollards are great for controlling parking access, but can also be used for changing access applications. Bollards are ideal for protecting reserved parking spaces, or to communicate access on laneways where entry regulations fluctuate. Folding bollards are suited for both residential and commercial use to reserve parking. Fold-down bollards can be unlocked by key and lowered flat to the ground, allowing cars to safely drive over. Installation is easy and can be completed relatively quickly on almost any concrete surface.

Easy lift and fold-down mechanism, Integral lock, Comes with 2 keys.

folding Bollards

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Folding bollard is a designed to stop unauthorized parking from reserved parking areas. It is suitable for residential areas and sites where car parks are to provide for employees. Quick and easy to install, folding bollard can be unlocked by key and lowered flat to the ground allowing a car to safely drive over it. Neat and stylish, made of steel, either stainless steel or paint options available, it is made visible in the dark by reflective stripe.

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Signed Flexible Bollard

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Signmaster ClearSigned Flexible Bollard or Rebound Signmaster Flexible Bollards

The Rebound Signmaster bollard provides 360º retro-reflectivity and is highly visible both day and night.  It features retro-reflective panels on all four sides made from the latest fluorescent and retro-reflective technology.  These panels provide three times the retro-reflectivity of traditional materials, ensuring its visibility regardless of light or weather conditions.

Design features including a 300mm retroreflective sign face on the front and angled side panels which give a wider side view further enhance the Rebound Signmaster, making it the ideal choice for hazardous junctions and intersections.


Overall Height: 1036mm Max. Bollard Width: 400mm
Max. Bollard Depth: 200mm Bolt-down Foot Detail: 328 x 328mm
Fixing Centres: 228 x 228mm Sign Face: 300mm diameter