Asset Tracking and Security

Asset Tracking System keeping track of assets is crucial for any enterprise; whether your business is Healthcare, Industrial, Defense or Manufacturing. Asset tracking is a business solution that is a "must have" for streamlining inventory and equipment, as you cannot effectively manage these assets without having their real-time visibility. XTEC’s Asset Tracking system helps to deliver this visibility, and hence operational efficiency, resulting in significant financial benefits across all industries.

XTEC’s Asset Tracking and Security system uses Active RFID technology and real-time monitoring accuracy of between 6-15 feet.

As TecRTLS and Portal Detection (Duel)—deliver a robust and reliable solution that enables accurate location, to the room level if desired, while also protecting your precious equipment from unauthorized removal from your premises, or even from individual departments.

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At LocTracks Efficiently : The state-of-the-art Asset Tracking System gives a real-time view of equipment in the office, warehouse, hospital, using a graphical user interface that pinpoints the locations on multiple floor plans. "Floor Discrimination" mechanism accurately tracks tagged equipment as they are moved from one floor to another so that the location is always shown on the correct floor. Your staff can locate individual equipment instantly with the system's RTLS capabilities, at an average accuracy of between 8-15 feet if desired.

Secures the Perimeter Effectively : The Perimeter Security component of the Asset Tracking & Location system can also alert staff and automatically secure doors to prevent unauthorized equipment from leaving the building or an individual department.

Monitors Temperatures : The system also supports remote monitoring of the environmental temperature where critical products such as drugs are kept and sounds an alert if the temperature falls outside the limits set up for that particular item or location. Users can perform real-time Temperature Monitoring using XTEC’s temperature sensing tags, as well as by employing hardwired temperature sensors within the GuardRFID infrastructure.

Asset Profiling and Management :  XGuard provides user defined asset profile fields with reminders for preventative maintenance scheduling, lease expiry, or other date driven events.

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Ats BenIncrease inventory efficiency
-Save time and reduce errors with real-time inventory visibility.
-Optimize order picking efficiency and inventory placement.
-Track assets such as Returnable Containers.

Boost revenue and output
-Track and deploy resources in real-time to increase output and revenue.
-Instantly locate mission-critical equipment and tools when they are needed.

Drastically reduce loss
-Never misplace equipment or inventory.
-Eliminate theft with scheduled motion alarm detection.
-Easily add Perimeter Security.
-Detect the presence of Inventory and Returnable Containers at Third-Party Manufacturers

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