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Spike Barrier 100Spike Parking Barrier (claws) are available in different configurations. These can be generally divided into two types of categories: Flush Mount models for installations that are flush with the roadway surface, and Surface Mount models for installations that are mounted above the roadway surface.

The Flush Mount models are ideal for installations that require seamless traffic control for smooth-flowing traffic, whereas the Surface Mount models are mounted above the general surface of the roadway and create a traffic calming bump, slowing traffic for a safer access control point.

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The surface mount spikes are easy to install and do not require any trenching or excavating. The auto-spike system is ideal for hi-security areas, parking lots, rental car agencies, schools, car dealerships, government agencies, or in any application where a higher degree of traffic control is preferred.


  • Industrial
  • Mines
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Military
  • Customs
  • Embassies
  • Prisons
  • Government Premises
  • Banks
  • Cash Depots
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Estates
  • Head Offices
  • Any areas where high security is required


  • Emergency Trigger Inputs
  • Built In Robot Controller For Dual Direction
  • Five Alarm Conditions
  • Control panel allows for interlocking with other barrier to create a trap barrier.
  • Spikes will stay up when boom arm is forced open.
  • Spike Barrier can be used for reversible lanes
  • Spike Barrier will go into a lock down mode when the door is opened.
  • Service indicator light will light up when the spike barrier needs to be serviced.
  • Self diagnostic logic controller
  • Optional extra: High Security Lock - tamper proof door
  • Optional extra: Spring Device to lower spike on power failure


  • The "Road Spike" barrier is available in either 3m or 6m options as standard.
  • The barrier is equipped as standard with an anti pedestrian aluminum curtain.
  • Left and right hand configurations are available.
  • The spikes lower before the boom arm opens.
  • The spike barrier can be interfaced with single or multiple remote triggering devices.
  • The spike barrier framework is designed to handle vehicles weighing up to 100 tons .
  • Cabinets are powder coated in red and white or required color.
  • The spikes protrude 90mm above the road surface and offer protection from both directions.
  • Pack size: Dependent on model ordered.


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