Vehicle Counting & Classification Analyzer

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Vehicle Counting & Classification Analyzer - 5.0 out of 5 based on 71 votes

Vehicle Counting & Classification Analyzer capable of  measure, Identify, record and monitor of vehicles speed, type, violation, tailgating, emergency stops, collusion and lots like Number of vehicles in lane, Vehicle class, Speed of vehicle, speed violation,  lane change violation, accident detection, tailgate violation, non-access lane violation, collations, illegal stops, vehicle ANPR and much more.

- Traffic Violations  - Vehicle Speeding  - Lane violation - Wrong way driving - Wrong U turns - Unsafe lane change - Vehicle tailgating - Stop sign driving


Detect road traffic violations immediately. Monitor road user’s behavior and spot problematic drivers to identify undesirable events to make traffic safer. Our VCS is a combination of a camera view and artificial intelligence to get precise data and improve traffic safety.


Vehicle Counting for total vehicle, speeding vehicle or type of vehicle as requires. Also this can be separated according to Violations.


Detect any driver exceeding the speed limit and get automatically informed. Utilize trajectory mapping and acceleration detection to get the bigger picture. Alert the authority when needed or use the data to automatically will help spot such offenders and alert the authorities in no time.

Lane violation

Unexpected turns can jeopardize other drivers, especially when one crosses the solid lines or other prohibited areas. VCS can help you spot such violators and improve the drivers’ safety.


Dangerous driving too near to vehicle causes serious accident to other drivers, especially when one drive too close to another car might serious accident . VCS can help you spot such violators and improve the drivers’ safety which helps entire road safety.


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