Automatic Pneumatic Bollard

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We have a large range of Automatic Pneumatic Rising Bollards that can be installed in a variety of different applications, are robust and a high security as idea for high-level traffic control such like shopping mall, parking space, commercial plaza, hotel and government building. Gas cylinder is built-in bollard and connected with compressor in an external cabinet by gas tube. The pneumatic bollard can be integrated with most access control system. And bollards can be operated by remote controller, push button, card reader etc., as bollards can be installed and operated together or individually.


•    Shopping Mall
•    Commercial plaza
•    Hi secure places
•    Banks
•    VIP Hotels
•    Residential & Commercial Bollards
•    City Centre Bollards    
•    Anti Ram Raid Bollards

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- Pneumatic driven bollard
- Anti-terrorist defense
- Easy to install and operate
- Low maintenance cost
- Excellent compatibility and expansibility
- Robust construction
- User safety
- Architectural design
- High visibility gloss and reflective
- Emergency operation
- Built-in hydraulic pump with Biodegradable oi



220V 50Hz


168mm(T:5mm) / 220mm(T:7mm) / T=thickness

Blocking Height

600mm / 900mm

Cylinder material

Carbon steel / 304SS / 316SS

Bollard pit material

Carbon steel

Surface treatment

Carbon steel: Galvanization and powder coated Stainless steel: Hairline polish


Color can be customized according to RAL No.

Rising speed


Lowing speed




Working temperature

-40 ℃--+70 ℃

Frequency use

High intensive

Reflective tape

One 3M diamond series reflective, customized logo is available

LED light

Red LED light


Remote controller, push button, loop detector, photocell, buzzer,

Extra Accessories

traffic light, heater can be optional

Solution Ares

  • Banking
  • Campus/University
  • Finance
  • Commercial Office
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • House of Worship
  • Industrial
  • Life Sciences
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Shopping Mall
  • Seaports and, many more


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