Private Parking Barrier Solar

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Private Parking Barrier Solar - 5.0 out of 5 based on 147 votes

Parking Barrier system - Solar for opening or reserving a parking place or an access road, operated from a car by means of a remote control.Battery-operated powered by Solar needs only to be fixed on the ground and it's ready to use ! A power pack, placed under the cover, has an automatic charger that charge battery.

Barrier consists of a removable hoop-shaped bar attached to a base plate that is fixed on the ground. The whole unit is protected by a steel cover that covers all the system's electronic and mechanical components as well as its 4 attachment points.A battery power pack, placed under the cover, automaticaly charged by Solar power. A rate of 10 operations per day, with 1 hour's exposure of the solar panel per day in cloudy weather, would give the battery 130 days' autonomy (under the same conditions of use)

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  • Individula parking
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Government buildings and institutions
  • Office buildings, head offices, administrative sites
  • Any indoor or outdoor use


  • Power : No need for any power connection as powered by SOLAR,
  • Comfortable : The user can reserve or release his parking space from his car using his remote control unit.
  • Reverse Back : If encounters an obstacle its move in the opposite direction to prevent damage.
  • SAFE: It is therefore totally safe for both people and vehicles.
  • ROBUST : Its steel cover protects all the mechanics and electronics of the system
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL : To install, simply fix it to the ground. There is no need for any electrical wiring.


  • Tempering Alarm
  • Reverse Back for prevent damage
  • Miss use Alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Remote activation 15 meter
  • Solar power even low sun conditions


Technical Specifications of the unit:

  • Weight : 4-6 kg
  • Dimensions : L 340 x W 260 x H 60 mm
  • Integrated charger
  • 6VA-12VA Battery
  • Complies with IP 54 standard
  • European standard I-ETS 300 220

Features of the solar panel :
Recharging between 10 and 30 mA per hour
Dimensions : L 300 x W 100 x H 10 mm
220 V/50 Hz back-up charging cable fixed on the battery pack




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