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disableDisabled Toilet Alarm

Disabled Toilet Alarm , This Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm is available as a single zone kit to allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, the user simply press a button or pulls the cord of a ceiling pull unit to activate a light and sounder outside the WC. Disabled Toilet Alarm can be use for central monitoring. Battery backup plus alarm running time in the even of mains failure. Available in both plastic and brushed stainless steel to suit any application from single zone to multi-zone, Conventional, Addressable and IP versions with Software monitoring.Attractively designed, easy to install and simple to use.

std alStand-Alone Disabled Toilet Alarm

Disabled Toilet Alarm, Our complete disabled toilet alarm kits provide everything you need to install a fully-functional disabled toilet alarm. Standards Disabled Toilet Alarm is designed to meet the latest requirements and various other care standards. It is a very simple system to install and expand.  

Vandal resistant Steel, BS compliant, disabled toilet emergency assistance alarm systems for public use. The pull cord, coloured red for high-visibility, has two rings that should be positioned in specific locations – one should be only 100mm from the floor and the other should be at a height of 800-1000mm, reachable from the WC. The reset button, which has a sounder to indicate to the disabled person that assistance is on the way.

mult dtaCentralized Disabled Toilet Alarm

Disabled Toilet Alarms, We can ensure the safety of disabled toilet users with our comprehensive range of disabled toilet alarms. Centralized Disabled Toilet Alarm is designed on latest technilogy to meet Multiple Alarm Monitoring with height standard and various other care standards. It can be single system for single toilets or site-wide systems with multiple monitoring stations, central control stations, BMS interfaces etc. Individual alarms can be grouped and monitored locally and/or from a central monitoring stations. All systems are battery backed for peace of mind during power outages.

quantecAddressable Disabled Toilet Alarm

Disabled Toilet Alarm, Our range of BS8300 disabled toilet alarm systems includes a selection of waterproof products. Addressable System (ADTAS) that helps ensures help assistance centrally in any environments emergency assistance, including alarm call points, displays, ceiling pulls, Overdoor lights with strobe, LCD display for alarm, can be upgrade to central monitoring software through RS485 network to security or monitoring room. A single system support up-to 250 toilets which having built-in power backup for 48 hours nd 5 programmable BMS/Fire interface.

ipdtaIP Disabled Toilet Alarm

IP disabled toilet alarm system can be expanded over large areas using network infrastructure. Our any Individual toilets can be added to the central DTA alarm monitoring system. Stand-alone toilet alarm systems with local control and monitoring can be integrated into a centralized system. Interfaces for integration with BMS and other third party systems available. Ideal for large buildings or multi-site establishments with centralized or off-site facilities management / monitoring., and has applications in hospitals, elderly homes, schools, factories, restaurants, hotels, and any other facility with where centrally monitoring requires.

wireless dta100Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm

Wireless disabled call system will send an alert to gain immediate help in an emergency, and is designed to meet the worldwide need and desire to better serve disabled people. It complies with regulations devised to ensure barrier free entry and use of public facilities by the disabled, and has applications in hospitals, elderly homes, schools, factories, restaurants, hotels, and any other facility with a risk of injury in private areas.


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