IP Disabled Alarm

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IP Disabled Toilet Alarm

Ip Dta 100Our IP disabled toilet alarm system can be expanded over large areas using network and internet infrastructure. Individual toilets can be added to the main toilet alarm system. Stand-alone toilet alarm systems with local control and monitoring can be integrated into a centralised system. Interfaces for integration with BMS and other third party systems available. Ideal for large buildings or multi-site establishments with centralised or off-site facilities management / monitoring., and has applications in hospitals, elderly homes, schools, factories, restaurants, hotels, and any other facility with a risk of injury in private areas.



Being IP, it is much easier and quicker to install in existing network, and therefore less labor intensive and more economic.  It has applications in all kinds of public and commercial buildings, including hospitals, elderly homes, schools, universities, factories, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. The alarm is distinctive in appearance and sound, so it cannot be confused with fire alarms, and is specifically for the disabled person to gain help in an emergency.


  • Basic system includes a waterproof call button with pull cord
  • Waterproof reset button to cancel the alarm after rescue
  • Emergency call alarm located outside the room
  • Buttons waterproof to IP 65 with pull cord
  • Can be monitored centrally from a security desk
  • Compatible with wireless repeater to cover long distance


Add individual toilet alarms over network
Add local toilet alarm systems over network
Local, centralized, off-site monitoring / event logs available
Makes use of existing infrastructure
Reduces cabling costs, allows retro-fitting etc.
Ideal for large buildings, campuses etc.


Download Datasheet for IP DTAS


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