Parking Guidance Software

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Parking Guidance Software - 4.9 out of 5 based on 37 reviews

Parking Guidance Monitoring Software is IP architecture with Linux core (stable) system for parking managers enable more efficient use of the parking space, and reduction of traffic jams. It enables real-time monitoring of the parking situation (availability, temperature changes), and control of parking places (reservations etc.). The system can connect to other control systems (barriers, lighting, and ventilation). The program is installed in the user’s existing systems or in a separate server. Server-client architecture works with multi-client feature.

8185 Park Circles

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Simple Security Intercom

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Simple Security Intercom - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

B S Ss 150

Simple Talk Through Glass Intercom Bank Window Interphone Hands-free two-way talkback with full automaticity, microphone is inside the substation. Microcomputer-controlled circuit with squelch function.

The bank window interphone adopts high-powered microphone, with elegant appearance. Voice is lifelike and clear. Easy-installed: there is only one wire connecting between master station and substation. The volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately..


Assistive Security Intercom

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Assistive Security Intercom - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

A IntAssistive Security Intercom system not only comprises a full duplex intercom system, reinforcing communications from staff to customer and customer to staff with high quality amplified sound, but is also simple to install and once installed it is designed to function without further intervention. Full duplex communication - allows natural conversation minimizes acoustic feedback. Noise cancelling microphones - high rejection to background noise.

The amplifier is typically installed below counter in conjunction with an induction loop, providing a fully integrated intercom and control module, with a host of features for integration and versatile use.


Disabled Alarm with Voice

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Dia ConUK market-leading disabled accessible toilet alarm system with full duplex voice contains everything you need to create a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance system with cost-effective disabled call system is designed to meet the demand for BS8300 and BS 5839 Part 9 compliant disabled refuge voice communication systems. System provides simple, effective two-way communication and alarm activation in these areas to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and to reassure people help is on the way.


Vehicle Speed Display Solar

Vehicle Speed Display Solar - 5.0 out of 5 based on 26 reviews

Solar Road Radar Speed Detection Display - 3 digits - Aluminum outdoor cashing.

LEDs Road Radar Speed Display, Designed to be powered directly from sector. Display vehicles speed continuously under the speed limit. Display blinking speed when above speed limit. Data collected by USB or Bluetooth key provided by default. Easy installation in 30 min.

- Solar Power with Built-in battery charger
- Direct power 110V / 230V
- Bluetooth Data collection / Smart Phone
- Wi-Fi or GPRS mobile connection
- Web / Mobile apps for real-time monitoring (For more information, please click below button)

Message from MD

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Mohammed has more than 20+ years experience in technical business management, company management, operations management, product development, project development life cycle, designing, and senior engineering management. Prior to founding XTEC SECURITY, he was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a multinational company , a system design and solution provider company for the ELV system, Security system, Parking System with monitoring system,  IT system and networks and related industries, become a leading system solutions provider in UK, UAE and South Arica. He was responsible for its rapid growth of the company for system solutions as well different annual maintenance contract with several companies . Additionally, he spent 15 years in different multinational company  with hand-on responsibilities for designing, project management, business development, sales and company management. Currently he is managing XTEC with full responsibilities and additionally providing system solution GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council).Mohammed holds Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science.


Founder and Managing Director

Ferromagnetic Metal Detector

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The Ferromagnetic Metal Detecto is a vertical gradient fluxgate magnetometer that measures the deformation of the earth's magnetic field evoked by ferromagnetic objects. Magnetometers are suitable for the detection of ferromagnetic metals like iron, steel, nickel, sepcially, Specially ferrous material (UXO) e.g. bombs, land mine, shells, projectiles, sub-ammunitions and similer.

Fingerprint Access Control System

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Bi Acs

Fingerprint Access Control System

XTEC has a wide range of Fingerprint Access Control Systems and solutions to protect your people, premises and environment, giving you full control over your facilities. EnsuAttri

ring your building is secure and tracking who enters, when, and where they go and other facility as required starting from 1-Door to 254-Door in a single system using IP-Based controller. 

Research Labs Monitoring

Research Labs Monitoring - 5.0 out of 5 based on 13 reviews


Protect biological tissue samples and other hazardous or perishable research samples with the environmental solutions offered by XTEC. The importance of maintaining blood and tissue samples under ideal conditions is critical for quality research, as a lack of proper temperature and humidity maintenance can ruin samples and render all the associated research unusable. Proper experimentation is predicated on keeping control conditions stable, and our solutions can help researchers accomplish this. Our solutions ensure that incubators, laboratory chambers and cold room sample storage facilities are maintained at the proper environmental conditions. Researchers can enjoy peace mind knowing research facilities and experimental conditions are monitored by early detection solutions 24/7.

Telecom Monitoring

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Protect critical telecommunications equipment with the devices XTEC offers for proactive monitoring of climate and power conditions. These are ideal for keeping an eye on base transceiver stations, cell sites and communication and technical rooms to ensure your equipment is working under the right operating conditions. In addition to monitoring climate and power conditions and dry contacts and relays, our environmental monitors are widely used to monitor incoming AC voltage, -48VDC bus voltage and battery power to protect your BTS facilities from climate, power and security issues that may affect the service of communication equipment.
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