Park Barriers Access

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The barrier system can be linked to any number of remote systems to control it operations, such as:

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, where a vehicles registration plate is taken and checked against a database, once verified the barrier arm raises to allow access. 

Vehicle Tags - Where a tag is attached to specific vehicles, allow access to only authorised vehicle only. 

Radio Transmitters - Any number or hand held radio remote control can be linked to the system.
Access Control System - Proximity card, Photo ID, Biometric Iris or Fingerprint reading technologies can be incorporated into the system. 

Tokens - Standard issue tokens or high security token can be incorporated into the system. 

Long Range Reader - The existing barrier access can be applied for long range identification ensuring a vehicle can get access unless driven by an authorized vehicle. This hand free vehicle access can be open parking barrier from distance of 4-Meter to 10-Meter.

Emergency Back Up - An emergency back up lowering facility is operational during any power failure and is fitted as standard, ensuring that the barrier can be raised in the event of a power failure, alternatively a UPS power / Solar Power system can be installed to keep the unit operational.





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