Parking Guidance System

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Parking Guidance System - 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 votes

Our parking guidance system is one of the most advanced car park guidance systems of the market. It allows guiding the user directly to a free park spot in an intuitive and fast form, by using ultrasonic sensors with lights indicators and display panels for information for free spaces. Find free places using informative displays, in real-time.

•    Increase value and performance of the car park.
•    Optimize occupation and car rotation.
•    Improve traffic inside car park.
•    Stress reduction and comfortable feeling at the parking.
•    Fuel Saving.
•    Easy location
•    Valuable cost reductions.
•    Reliability information 100% on real-time of occupancy.
•    Customer’s fidelity.
•    Reports and statistics. Reduction of monoxide co gas inside the car park. Integrated with gas detection system.
•    Unattended car detection.

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