Parking Guidance Sensor with Indicator

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Smart sensors system with Indicator (Duel Space) designed for mounting on the ceiling on Drive way in middle so that it's 100% visible to any parker for parking space availability. More over it reduce 50% of the total cost and it is capable of monitor more-than one parking space from and single sensor-indicator. It is install in a simple cable channel and detecting two parking space i.e. left and right side for an availability of a parking space. All sensors have the digital signal processing (DSP), smart technology with additional option for upgrade, adaptive sensitivity, and temperature compensation functions.

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The sensor is designed for detecting vehicles in front of each parking space. It can detect and indicate parking space occupancy simultaneously in front of ONE or TWO opposite parking spaces. It is recommended for covered parking lots. The Sensor is not ultrasonic. It uses new detection technology based on Time Of Flight (TOF). Indication is RGB Color Changing LED Lights and shows parking place availability information. Additionally, it can provide special switch signal for sensor state indication. This function allows using it in various applications where vehicle detection is needed.



Features and Benefits

  • Made in the European Union.
  • Parking space occupancy detection and indication simultaneously in front & opposite parking.
  • Significantly saves installation cost and power consumption.
  • 127 detectors in a loop.
  • Weather proof – IP66 protection class. Instantly works in -35/+60 ºC temperature.
  • Ambient temperature measurement function, temperature maps.
  • Detector mounting till the height of 4.5 m.
  • High brightness Indication is RGB Color Changing LED Lights with reflector optics.
  • Remote display function (optional).
  • Sensors are designed to be installed on a standard MQ-type galvanized installation channel.
  • Quick and easy sensor connection to the base via the NailPin connector.
  • Audible warning function (optional).
  • Standalone demo sensor for system presentations.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Adaptive Temperature Compensation (ATC).
  • Joint commands for sensor groups.
  • Sensor software update over the network.

Technical Details

Electrical characteristics

Power supply voltage

24-48 V DC

Power supply current

0.42 A

Power consumption

2 W at 48 V

Relay output current

400 mA at 60 V max

Sensors typical characteristics

Detection method

Optical distance measurement

Calibration method

Remote calibration

Field of view

Detection range

1 – 9m at no IR level area

Detection range at IR level

1 – 4.6m at area with IR level up to 1000



RS485 line

RS-485 ports


Cable Type

Shielded, twisted pair EIA RS485


Light color, angle adjustment, 360° Integrated RGB or remote

Bicolor /Green/Blue

Viewing angle



Work temperature

35°C ..+60°C

Storage temperature

40°C ..+85°C


20% …..95% not condensing


Housing type


Mounting method

Wall/ Chanel mount with screws

Dimension (mm)

136 x 123 x 200



Dimensions and schematics


Housing type


Mounting method

Wall/ Chanel mount with screws

Dimension (mm)

136 x 123 x 200





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