Long Range Camera

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Long Range Thermal zoom cameras based on the latest uncooled IR technology and continuously IR optical zoom using 5th generation UFPA Vox Detector. User could get a best imaging details with high resolution, advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm. Special design of optical zooming lens have detection distance 5,000-Meter to 15,000-Meter.  Aluminum alloy housing make sure the camera IP66 sealing rates and works well in harsh outdoor conditions. This camera integrate high sensitive FPA sensor, electronic and optical systems, could penetrate fog/dirt/rain/snow and image 24 hours.  Detection: (Human: 2,000M to 6,500M) & (Vehicle: 5,000M to 15,000M) and Identification: (Human: 700M to 1,500M) & (Vehicle: 2,000M to 4,200M).
Suitable for : Oilfield, railway & freeway, river & lake, seaport & airport, forest fire prevention, city safety, Long road and related.

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