Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection

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Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection


The X-ESTCAM™ Inground Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) offers security officials a thorough inspection using a single under carriage image. The X-ESTCAM™ is constructed of the highest quality, aerospace aluminum that can withstand up to 75,000 lbs per axel. The housing encases high resolution full color video cameras and uses high-intensity, white LED lighting to guarantee impeccable 24/7 operation. The LowCam™ VI150 offers an unmatched variety of inspection modes including live view, single undercarriage image view and preview of vehicles’ previous inspection by License Plate Number.


Rg1 ThumbUnlike the competition, the X-ESTCAM™ UVIS is a full PC-based system that utilizes Advanced Detection Technology’s own software. The software provides a single image displayed on a 19 inch monitor to allow for quick and easy inspections. Security personnel can review, scan, and zoom in on areas of interest in either the single undercarriage image or the live playback mode. This feature offers a true representation of the undercarriage as opposed to the traditional “line scan” system’s flattened 2D distorted images.

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