Disabled Alarm with Voice

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Dia ConUK market-leading disabled accessible toilet alarm system with full duplex voice contains everything you need to create a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance system with cost-effective disabled call system is designed to meet the demand for BS8300 and BS 5839 Part 9 compliant disabled refuge voice communication systems. System provides simple, effective two-way communication and alarm activation in these areas to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and to reassure people help is on the way.



Disabled Assistance Call System with Emergency Voice Communication System is a system that allows an emergency call from disabled toilets system or voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or building complex, particularly in an emergency situation. It has applications in all kinds of public and commercial buildings, including hospitals, elderly homes, schools, universities, factories, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. The alarm is distinctive in appearance and sound, so it cannot be confused with fire alarms, and is specifically for the disabled person to gain help in an emergency.


  • Fully complies to BS5839 part 9-2011Large system capacity from 8 to 512 lines
  • Distributed network saves wiring.
  • System will cover Refuge, Fire Telephone and Emergency Assistance Alarm.
  • Network is fully fault tolerant ,dual redundant  
  • High quality brushed stainless steel finish


The system has been designed around a total network concept so all of the FIRE-TEL panels have inbuilt networking. The system comprises 3 types of panel, such FTL-M8 touch screen master station (hereafter referred to as FTL-M8), the FTLSE-M 2 to 8 line master stations (hereafter referred to as FTLSE) and a FTL-S8 system expander panel (hereafter referred to as FTL-S8). For FIRE-TEL systems in excess of 8 lines a FTL-M8 must be used as the master station, the system can then be expanded by the use of an FTL-S8 or FTLSE in blocks of 8 lines up to a maximum system capacity of 512 lines.


Download Datasheet for Wireless Alarm


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