Wireless Disabled Alarm

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Wireless Dta125Wireless disabled call system will send an alert to gain immediate help in an emergency, and is designed to meet the worldwide need and desire to better serve disabled people. It complies with regulations devised to ensure barrier free entry and use of public facilities by the disabled, and has applications in hospitals, elderly homes, schools, factories, restaurants, hotels, and any other facility with a risk of injury in private areas.



Being wireless, it is much easier and quicker to install than wired versions, and therefore less labor intensive and more economic.  It has applications in all kinds of public and commercial buildings, including hospitals, elderly homes, schools, universities, factories, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. The alarm is distinctive in appearance and sound, so it cannot be confused with fire alarms, and is specifically for the disabled person to gain help in an emergency.


  • Basic system includes a waterproof call button with pull cord
  • Waterproof reset button to cancel the alarm after rescue
  • Emergency call alarm located outside the room
  • Buttons waterproof to IP 65 with pull cord
  • Can be monitored centrally from a security desk
  • Compatible with wireless repeater to cover long distance


  • Wireless frequencies: 315MHz (FCC) or 433MHz (CE)
  • Battery life : Button 5-10 years (non-replaceable)
  • Emergency call alarm 2-3 years, (4xD type Alkaline)
  • Range : approx 50M (can use with range extender)
  • Button waterproof to : IP 65 with pull cord
  • Low batteries indication
  • Fault detect indication (supervised) (When used with a Central Monitor )
  • Low maintenance, high brightness "LED" on light for long life
  • Auto read in programming function on emergency call alarm
  • Easy button programming using magnetic key


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