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ToiletalarmroomStandards Disabled Toilet Alarm is designed to meet the latest requirements and various other care standards. It is a very simple system to install and expand.  

The pull cord, coloured red for high-visibility, has two rings that should be positioned in specific locations – one should be only 100mm from the floor and the other should be at a height of 800-1000mm, reachable from the WC. The reset button, which has a sounder to indicate to the disabled person that assistance is on the way.



X-TEC’s Disabled toilet alarm includes everything required for a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance alarm. Attractively designed and simple to use, it allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, the user simply pulls the cord of a ceiling pull unit to activate a light and sounder outside the calling room.
Ideal for use in all types of disabled persons/accessible toilet applications, the Controller can also be used as a single zone emergency assistance alarm in changing rooms, solariums, accessible bedrooms, interview rooms, reception areas, etc up to a multi zone system using 4-zone controller in a row up to maximum 90-Zones.


  • Integral power supply - requires mains power
  • Monitored battery backup
  • Powerful LEDs and sounder
  • Option's for remote monitoring over copper / fibre / IP networks
  • Two alarm modes (flashing or steady LEDs)
  • Can be combined with disabled refuge EVC and other alarms
  • Can be installed single zone as a single system
  • Can be installed 4-zone as a single system
  • Series of zone controller can be connected (90 Zone MAX)
  • Alarm Indicator panel can be installed for monitoring


Solution Area

  • Airport
  • Banking
  • Campus/University
  • Finance
  • Commercial Office
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Hotels
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Shopping Mall
  • Seaports
  • Utilities
  • And other’s


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