Single Pool Alarm Systems

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Single Pool Alarm Systems - 5.0 out of 5 based on 28 votes

Pool alarm systems are designed to provide indication at a supervisor's location from a pool side call button. Single zone pool alarms are available, the single zone system is ideal for smaller pools requiring only one general area of emergency call cover. One additional sounder beacon may be added to this system along with as many call points as are required.

Once a call is raised it can only be silenced at the Assistance Call panel. When the call is silenced the flashing LED becomes steady and the local buzzer silences to inform the caller that the call has been received and help is on the way

System contains
1 x 1-zone controller
1 x IP67 Sealed Key resettable Call Point
1 x IP 66 Sealed Sounder-beacon (max 2)
1 x Alarm Sign Dry Area only
Optional - S1703PY Silence Button

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