Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit

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Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit - 5.0 out of 5 based on 24 votes

The emergency assist alarm call systems within a centralized full duplex voice communication system, providing a single display point for all disabled calls within a building. When a call is made the over-door and cancel units emit a two tone siren with the “Halo” flashing, when the call is acknowledged from the EVCS controller the “Halo” on these units lights steadily and the tone double beeps every 15 seconds to reassure the caller help is on the way. As DTA system is connected to a Master Control panel the plates and cables are fully end of line monitored and battery backed as standard. DTA plates are supplied with a brushed stainless finish and a Blue HALO to aid location.



Compact Design
ADA/BS8300 “Acknowledge” Feature
High volume sounder
Flush or surface mounting
Braille enhanced Cancel Button
Stainless Steel as standard


Dimensions(mm) 86(W) x 86(H) x 22(D)
Weight 600g / Material Stainless Steel/ Acrylic
Finish Brushed
Cables : Type PVC or Fire Rated Cores 2 core 1mm CSA
Max Distance 500m
Standards Compliance: EMC EN55103-1, EN55103-2 LVD EN60950
Product Family BS5839-pt9, BS8300, ADA


Connectivity can be easily and quickly integrated with an existing system that already available.


Click to download Datasheet


Please call us at +971 04 421 9920 or email at mail (a) xtec.me
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