IP Video Intercom Terminal

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For the communication in indoor/outdoor intercom.


1. Compatible with standard SIP protocol, independently accessible to VOIP phone system.
2. With a 6mm-thick aluminum panel; provided with a special screw and the equipments against puncture to avoid any man-made damages.
3. With a waterproof ratio of IP54 ( with waterproof cover); with the installation of embedded or surface-mounted design.
4. With a built-in 3W speaker and microphone, available for hands-free call and receiving broadcast;
5. With a built-in digital camera of the H.264, D1/CIF coding format to make a full duplex intercom.
6. With a built-in flash memory of large capacity
7. With a built-in digital audio processor, To enhance the effect of noise reduction and improve the voice pick-up distance and audio quality.
8. With audio output interface which can be connected to active speaker or headphones.

9. With 2 alarm inputs to connect the external buttons and 2 alarm outputs to control the flashing of the external alarm light on the terminal;
10. Support Sound alarm, the server will alert automatically when the environment volume exceeds a preset range continually.
11. Support tamper alarm, the server will alert automatically when someone open it during its normal working state.
12. Support standard ONVIF protocol which can be connected to NVR for recording
13. Support video talking without IP intercom server(Initiating and receiving)
14. Support SIP server using DNS
15. With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available.


System Architecture for IP Intercom


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