IP Video Microphone

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For broadcasting, video intercom and monitoring in the control room.

1. Compatible with standard SIP protocol, individually accessible to VOIP phone system.
2. Supportive of SIP video talking without SIP server
3. With a professional composite shape of paging microphone, carrying a 4.3"LCD screen with 32 plastic buttons.

4.Supportive of partition broadcasting, with a red cue light on automatically when talking

5. With a built-in 3W speaker and a microphone to receive broadcasting、make a full-duplex intercom and monitoring.
6. With a built-in HD digital camera of the H.264, D1/CIF coding format. Supportive of two-way video calling.
7. Supportive of the displaying of the incoming calls and outgoing calls and the voice prompt of the incoming calls.
8. Supportive of audio & video cyclic monitoring to other visual terminals, and contents are stored on the server which can be locally looked through.
9. With a built-in digital audio processor,To enhance the effect of noise reduction and improve the voice pick-up distance and audio quality.
10. Supportive of the ring tones and settings of the voice prompts of” call through, call busy and hang up”.
11. To broadcast the pre-recorded emergency voice to the specified terminals and trigger the alarm light which is connected to the terminal flashes
12. With 1 short-circuit input or output for the external linkage.
13. Supportive of noise alarm function, the video from other visual terminal on site will be displayed on the LCD screen of automatically when receiving notice from IP Intercom server.
14. With  expansion board (maximum cascade of 6) and handset for option.
15. Supportive of SIP server using DNS
16. With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available.

System Architecture for IP Intercom


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