IP Audio Amplifier

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IP Audio Amplifier - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 votes

It`s th integration of IP audio terminal and common amplifier to connect with ethernet directly and connect to the speaker.

For the office, classroom, meeting room ...etc communication.

1. With a compact and a wall-mounted design to save space;
2. With a high-speed dual-core(ARM+DSP) chip of industrial grade whose starting-up time is ≤1s;
3. With a built-in digital amplifier of D-class; with a power output(8 ohm) of 2x10W or 2x30W with less emission of the heat and higher efficiency;
4. With an analog audio input and a local volume control knob, With an audio output to connect with the external amplifier;
5. With indication of status light, can display a variety of status of terminals in real time (such as online and offline etc.)
6. With 1 alarm output and 1 alarm input interface.
7. Support configuration remotely and upgrading online.
8. With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available.

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