Assistive Security Intercom

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A IntAssistive Security Intercom system not only comprises a full duplex intercom system, reinforcing communications from staff to customer and customer to staff with high quality amplified sound, but is also simple to install and once installed it is designed to function without further intervention. Full duplex communication - allows natural conversation minimizes acoustic feedback. Noise cancelling microphones - high rejection to background noise.

The amplifier is typically installed below counter in conjunction with an induction loop, providing a fully integrated intercom and control module, with a host of features for integration and versatile use.


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{tab title= Features}

  • Full duplex (two-way, dual-way) communication
  • Feedback and echo suppression built in
  • Multiple microphone and speaker options
  • Simple integration to loop amplifier
  • Compact design
  • All connections are on one panel for ease of installation
  • Fully adjustable gain on both channels


{tab title=Application}

  • Security window reception desks
  • Customer returns points
  • Banks teller & Post Office security booths
  • Cash counters
  • Prison visitor communication desks
  • Security screens
  • Bureau de Change
  • Police stations
  • Petrol / gasoline forecourts
  • Embassies
  • Public place with hi-noise


{tab title= Specifications} Technical specifications

Mic inputs Suitable for unbalanced electret capsules
DC bias voltage: 6V through 1kΩ
Suitable source: 1kΩ
Input impedance: 8kΩ
Input noise level: -124dBu
Speaker O/Ps <0.5% THD @ 1kHz with +11dBu (1W into 8Ω)
Bandwidth: 20Hz - 10kHz.
Min load: 4Ω, Max output level:+14dBu
Control Port LED output connects to combi mic speaker to
indicate if system is active i.e. Mute turns LED off.
PTT & Mute are active low.
+12Vdc for external module supply. 100mA fused
Staff Override Unbalanced Line I/O using 3.5mm jack socket.
Input = Tip, Output = Ring
Input sensitivity -10dBu with 1kΩ source
Output level max: +4dBu, typical -10dBu
Output Z: 220Ω
Line Output Unbalanced phono socket for connection to CLD1
line input - cable supplied.
Voltage (dc) 12Vdc, Quiescent: 170mA 2W, Maximum: 1.0A 12W

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