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 CCTV Consultancy service provides a focused address of project stages, which from the lifecycle of a successfully implemented Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) projects.

Provide an independent review of the existing system, providing a thorough audit of all camera positions and the control room(s) display, control, recording and resilience systems.

Feasibility services is designed to provide our client with a clear and concise address of the business case surrounding implementation, expansion or upgrade of CCTV surveillance systems.

CCTV Strategy:
Development of a CCTV strategy is crucial to ensure any system is designed, operated and managed effectively and efficiently.

CCTV Design Development:
Determining the scope for a new CCTV system. Provides site survey support, documentation and budgetary guidance.

informed decision relating to proceeding to the procurement phase for a CCTV project.

Detailed Design of CCTV Systems:
Provide a computer aided design (CAD) generated proposed system schematic diagram, network topography drawing, floor plan layout, detailed statement of requirements, Provide a project plan and program of works

Tender– CCTV Systems:
Assist the client to prepare appropriate KPI’s for vendor selection. This can be in the form of technical questions and a scoring mechanism for a project pre-qualification questionnaire. Prepare a performance based or detailed design based specification, Prepare a pricing schedule document or bill of quantities for completion by the bidding contractor, Suggest and adopt a model form of contract for the procurement of the CCTV system.

Project Management:
independent and competent to suitably represent the interests of the client for the duration of any CCTV system installation to ensure the project is delivered by the relevant contractor on time with minimum disruption to the working environment and to tendered budget.

Testing & commissioning:
Provide all the support according to design, approvals for an optimal installation.

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