Central CCTV Monitoring

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Central CCTV Monitoring - 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 votes

Protecting the public from crime, safeguarding buildings from vandalism, find and track incident with proof, or just ensuring your city is running smoothly requires the collaboration of multiple agencies, consultation with the public as well as buy-in from private enterprises. Ensuring you open proprietary solution deployments of up to 200,000 cameras in a single solution, and support for an unrestricted number of server, workstations and storage, its powerful architecture allows you to reliably scale with the assurance that your day-to-day operations . Choose your hardware, capitalize on existing city networks, and upgrade analog technology over time with this open security platform. Grow your city-wide surveillance system up to thousands of devices with ease, reaching up to 300 cameras per server.

Connect any site from any where into central monitoring and use it for any purpose using nomal camera to mega-pixel system identification.

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